Medical Transport

Air ambulance service, medical flight service, critical care flights, life flight, medical air service, aeromedical, medevac, transplant/organ transport, and non-emergency medical transport services in the United States and internationally in Canada and the Caribbean.

Aero National Inc. is able to provide professional, compassionate medical flight services for all age groups – be it infant, pediatric, children, teens, or adults. We will work with you to get the service you need and also help you secure pre-authorization from your insurance company.

If you have air transportation needs, we probably have done it!

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Pediatric and Infant Medical Flights and Air Ambulance

Pediatric/Infant/Neonatal Medical Flights

Neonatal Medical Emergency Transportation, Infant Air Ambulance Service, Pediatric Critical Care Flights

Our air ambulance service is very experienced in providing medical transport flights for children, infants and neonates. Our nurses have specialized in Pediatric Critical Care for many years.

We are able to transport babies in need of medical care by Isolette, car bed or car seats, whichever is deemed appropriate. We are experienced in transporting critically ill infants and children on ventilators, bi-pap, monitors, multiple IVs, etc.

We try to take Mom and/or Dad with us on these flights, if at all possible, as we understand their desire to stay with their child during this time.

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Critical Care Medical Transport, MedEvac, Life Flight and Air Ambulance

Critical Care Flights

Aeromedical, MedEvac, Life Flight, Air Ambulance Transportation, Transplant/Organ Transportation

The majority of our medical air service flights involve a patient who needs critical care. Our entire medical staff is experienced with the critical care patient. We anticipate multiple IVs, ventilators, sedation, pain management and all other aspects of critical care.

Our critical care flights are usually staffed with an RN/ Paramedic, but these flights will sometimes require a physician or other specialty medical personnel. This does not pose a problem, as we have medical staff of various specialties available for our flights and are able to accommodate the patient’s needs.

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Hospice/General Care Medical Transport

Compassionate Care Medical Flights, End-of-Life Air Ambulance

We recognize that not all patients are in need of critical care, but are in great need of compassionate care. Frequently, we are called to transport a patient going through end-of-life care. With these patients, comfort and compassion are what is most needed for both the patient and family.

This is also true of some of our “general care” patients. The medical need may not be extremely high, but understanding and support are very important. After all, something made the medical flight necessary and we recognize that alone will create some anxiety.

Our air ambulance service personnel are well aware that not everyone likes to fly as much as we do!

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Additional Flight Services

Psychiatric Patient Transport, Vacation Medical Ambulance, Air Medical for Patients with Mental/Physical Challenges, Prisoner Air Transportation

Aero National, Inc. has experienced virtually every type of air medical need over the years. We transport psychiatric patients and patients with mental/physical challenges that make it difficult to fly commercially.

Occasionally, vacationers need to be medically evacuated for care closer to home. We also transport prisoners from facility to facility for medical care.

Though we cannot list everything we do, if you’re thinking about it, we’ve probably already done it! So, give us a call!

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Service Areas

Aero National, Inc. offers our medical air transportation services througout the US and Canada, and we provide frequent services from, but are not limited to, these locations:

Northeastern United States

  • Connecticut - Hartford
  • Maine - Portland, Bangor
  • Massachusetts - Boston
  • Maryland - Annapolis, Baltimore
  • New York - Buffalo, New York City
  • Ohio - Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus
  • Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, Pittsburgh

Southeastern United States

  • Florida - Fr. Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando
  • Georgia - Atlanta
  • Louisiana - New Orleans
  • North Carolina - Charlotte, Raleigh
  • South Carolina - Charleston, Myrtle Beach
  • Tennessee - Nashville, Memphis
  • Virginia - Virginia Beach, Richmond

Midwestern United States

  • Illinois - Chicago, Aurora
  • Indiana - Indianapolis, Evansville
  • Louisiana - New Orleans, Shreveport
  • Michigan - Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor
  • Missouri - Kansas City, St. Louis
  • Oklahoma - Oklahoma City, Tulsa
  • Texas - Houston, San Antonio, Dallas Austin
  • Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Madison

Northwestern United States

  • Idaho - Boise
  • Montana - Billings, Missoula
  • Oregon - Portland
  • Washington - Seattle, Tacoma

Southwestern United States

  • Arizona - Phoenix, Tuscon
  • California - LOs ANgeles, San Diego, San Francisco
  • Colorado - Denver, Aurora, Fort Collins
  • Nevada - Las Vegas
  • Utah - Salt Lake City, Provo


  • Alberta - Calgary, Edmonton
  • British Columbia - Vancouver
  • Nova Scotia -Halifax
  • Ontario - Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Toronto
  • Quebec - Montreal, Quebec City

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